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Genie Fitzgerald

Our Weaving class met for the first time on Sunday evening after dinner. At that first meeting our instructors, Elaine Bradley and Christie Rogers, gathered information regarding our weaving experience.

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Weaving on the loom

It quickly became clear that while some us had solid weaving skills; others had either minimal skill or no experience at all. However, by Monday morning our instructors had each of us working away on our first projects. With grace and patience they guided us through the process and answered all our questions.

Throughout the week our skill levels rose, and we were offering guidance to each other. By the end of the week we all had at least one and most if us two well executed completed projects. As I write this I am looking around our weaving studio. Everyone is working independently and with confidence.

What a tribute to the teaching ability of our instructors!

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My Final Project

Genie Fitzgerald
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