Observing painters, musicians, enamelists, woodturners and their work is transformative, and being part of the creative process of master and student crafter is a privilege. Word follows image because writers must do something in response to what they see and feel.

I will be instructing a writing class on the weekend of August 22 -24, 2014 titled “Crafting Words” where you can learn to weave, carve, piece, center, and color words in response to the artists that will surround us at the Folk School.  We will observe them, write, and share our work. Writers of all levels are encouraged to attend.

“I write because I love the world. I am learning to love a new world. I am now living in the Blue Ridge mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, near the French Broad River’s shoal-shallow banks. I was born in Richmond, Virginia. My poems sound the way I talk, with words like “veranda, magnolia,” that made me listen to myself when I said them in St. Paul, coming out naturally here as shrimp and grits for dinner.”

My poem, Waiting for a Pot at 2424 Franklin Avenue is about observing and buying pottery.

There are rules.
I, given to impulsive creativity,
will comply.

I will stand on the pavement,
first in line,
thirty minutes

I will sign my name,
present my ID
and promise
to buy only
pot per month
for my house hold.

I do this for
Warren’s clay jar
ripe with DNA,
cells and finger prints.

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