Fresh touches for the Little House living room

Earlier this year the Buildings and Grounds staff, the Housekeeping staff, and a small number of flooring and painting subcontractors got busy to do renovations at three of the Folk School’s student houses.


Mill House, built in the 1930s

We provided lower-level Mill House rooms with new floors, window blinds, a dropped ceiling, fresh paint, and energy-efficient lighting. We also addressed air leakage problems and sealed off around the old mill wheel so that outside air and moisture will be kept out of the basement and crawl spaces.

We remodeled the Little House, installing new cabinets and a wood floor for the living room, plus fresh paint for the lower level bedrooms and living room. Little House was built in 1981 by the Homesteading students. The lighting was upgraded here also.


Bidstrup, built in 1989

In Bidstrup House, we replaced the old vinyl tile floor in the hallway with ceramic tile. We brightened up the dormitory rooms with new paint and light fixtures.

All these add up to a nicer experience for our students and instructors who stay on campus and enjoy the history and warmth of the older houses and the peace and quiet of staying on the Brasstown campus. All three houses were redecorated with a mixture of vintage and new furniture as well as beautiful framed art pieces and photographs taken at the Folk School by staff, students and instructors.

Thanks go to Carl Patterson Carpets, Browning Precision Paint, and the Folk School staff members who put in concentrated hours in order to get everything done speedily. Thanks also go to Business Manager Marianne Hatchett and Resident Artist Nanette Davidson who helped pick the flooring and the wall colors respectively.

John Clarke
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