Back to School Spirit

Sunflowers are blooming in the Folk School Garden, August 2014. They are huge - over 8" tall!
Sunflowers are blooming in the Folk School Garden, August 2014. They are huge – over 8″ tall!

It’s that time of the year when students are preparing to return to school. For the first day, the feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, and even a little nervousness is in the air. Arriving at school for a new year, students know they will be challenged, learn, and grow. Walking into a class for the first time at the Folk School isn’t that different, but you can leave your lunch box at home because our Dining Hall cooks the most delicious meals! We have many great classes scheduled this fall to put any adult, of any age, in the back to school spirit.

Book, Paper, Pen

Journals by Annie Fain Liden Barralon
Journals by Annie Fain Liden Barralon

Books are a symbol of back to school. Learn to make your own books and personal journals in classes like “The Joy of Booking” with Suzanne Hall (Sept 7 – 12) or Journals for Creative Use with Annie Fain Liden Barralon (Nov 16-22). You will love the handmade book for its versatility and ability to satisfy any interest. Create the sketchbook of your dreams to organize your thoughts and take notes.

Marbling work by Pat K. Thomas
Marbling work by Pat K. Thomas

Learn to make specialty paper in Marbling around the World with Pat Thomas (Oct 12-18). You will embrace rich cultural histories from Japanese Suminagashi to French nonpareil, Turkish floral motifs to the New Jersey ripple. Construct a simple travel journal with your papers to commemorate this “international” adventure.

Practice your prefect cursive in Incredible, Indelible Italic! with Michael Smith (Nov 9-14). Explore the legible, graceful, and popular style of calligraphy – the Italic hand. Study tools and materials, letter structure, rhythm, spacing, basic design principles, and methods of executing a project of choice.

Scarf It Up!

Scarves are a key fall accessory. Whether you fancy weaving, felting, dyeing, or knitting, we have the class for you to create your very own handmade personalized scarf!

Lumpy, Bumpy Scarves and Shawls with Pam Howard

Felting? In Four Felted Scarves with Chad Alice Hagen (Sept 7 – 12) make four different scarves with these great names: the Fabulous Aiery Fairy Scarf, Bark Scarf, Bubble Boa, and the Nip & Snip Lace Shawl.
Dyeing? Try Eco-print Scarf with Deborah Tuggle (Oct 24-26) and learn about the magic of “eco-printing,” a natural dye-transfer print process in which leaves, flowers, and berries are bundled, bound, and steamed in fabric or layers of paper to create beautiful, and often surprising, results.
Weaving? Try Lumpy, Bumpy Scarves and Shawls with Pam Howard (Dec 7-13) where you will make attention-getting scarves and shawls with woven lumps and bumps. Have you always wanted to knit?
Knitting? Beginning Knitting with Emolyn Liden (Dec 3-6) will get you started on the fundamental knitting basics. Dream of scarves, shawls, hats, and bags, and then get those needles moving!

Art Electives

Capture the beauty of the Folk School Campus with in oil paint.
Capture the beauty of the Folk School Campus with in oil paint.

Have you always wanted to try a certain art media, but have never set aside the time? This fall is a great time to get started! Get a taste of a new art form in a weekend or week-long class. Try oil painting on our beautiful campus in Oil in Plein Air: The Painter’s Craft with John Mac Kah (Sept 14-20). This class is for all students serious about creating a good painting in a professional manner in the tradition of the masters.

Face Mug by Rob Withrow
Face Mug by Rob Withrow

Beginners and more advanced potters alike will have a blast putting “fun” back in functional! in Fun and Unusual Forms with Rob Withrow (Sept 21-27). Spend a week throwing ring jugs, monkey jugs, water containers for pets, fast teapots, and more. Enjoy a week working with clay!

Corn husk clown with bird and balloons by Anne Freels
Corn husk clown  by Anne Freels

If you can tie a knot, you can make a cornshuck doll! Make a traditional Appalachian-style doll in Cornshuck Dolls with Anne Freels (Oct 26-Nov. 1). Begin by dyeing the dried shucks, and then roll and tie them into figures using a variety of techniques. Creatively embellish dolls with wool, flax, corn silks, dried flowers, herbs, shells, and small personal items.

Science of Cold Brew

Learn the science of beer brewing.
Learn the science of beer brewing.

Prefer the science lab or a cold brew at the end of a hard school day (as long as you are 21+)? Impress your buddies and gain hands-on experience and confidence to brew your own high-quality craft beer in Oktoberfest! Home-brewing Artisan Beers with Nicholas Kelischek (Oct 12-18). Smell the hops, nibble the grains, and taste the adjuncts that make up great beer recipes. We’ll make some hard cider, too.

View our complete Fall class offerings on our website.

You can register online or call the office at 1-800-FOLK-SCH or 828-837-2775.

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