A variety of felted footwear created in Kay and Peggy's class.

A variety of felted footwear created in Kay Patterson and Peggy Patrick’s class.

Bonnie works on her felted shoe.

Bonnie works on her felted shoe.

We are kicking off our 2015 year with many great classes including Handmade Felt Shoes & Boots with Kay Patterson and Peggy Patrick (January 4-10). We love to see the wild, colorful and creative shoes that come out of this popular class.

Each student will make a pair of cozy, custom-fit felt shoes or boots. Use wet-feltmaking techniques to construct colorful uppers, and then discover how to attach a durable, wearable sole. You may add embellishments to your felt through beading, appliqué, or needle felting. Expect to complete at least one pair of shoes or boots in class. Register today!

If you are interested in making shoes with leather uppers check out the additional shoe making classes scheduled in 2015 at the Folk School:

A line-up of completed shoes from Chuck  & Peggy's class

A line-up of completed shoes from Chuck & Peggy’s class

Comfortable, handmade, thin-soled leather shoes by Michael Ismerio

Shoes by Michael Ismerio

10th-century Scandinavian-style Turn Shoe
Michael Ismerio • March 22-28

Tread the earth in comfortable, handmade, thin-soled leather shoes custom-fit to your feet. Using American bison leather for the uppers and recycled rubber soles, learn the necessary steps of pattern making, leather working, and hand sewing to create a pair of shoes that could last a lifetime.

Due to the intensive nature of this project, expect some evening hours. Scandinavian Heritage Week honors the Folk School’s roots, inspired by “folkehøjskole” of these northern European countries. In the company of newfound friends, you will enjoy special food, music, dance, and craft traditional to the region.

Leather sandal created in Chuck & Peggy's class.

Leather sandal created in Chuck & Peggy’s class.

Shoe Making – Leather Sandals
Peggy & Chuck Patrick • May 10-16

Feel the satisfaction of making your own sandals with leather uppers and rubber soles. Starting with several basic sandal patterns, choose your favorite style and design your sandals around it. Personalize your footwear with beads, carving, or other embellishments.

Leather will be hand-sewn for long use, so good, strong hands are a must. Hard-working students of all levels are welcome.

Painless Shoemaking: Outsoled Leather Shoes & Boots
Peggy & Chuck Patrick • September 13-19

Briana hard at work on her shoe

Briana hard at work on her shoe

Learn to use basic leatherworking tools to make footwear without a last or expensive equipment. Look at shoes and boots to discover how they are constructed and what fundamental design elements are used. Then design and build your own footwear around the elements you like. Uppers will be constructed from leather; soling from rubber. Flats, wedges, and small heels are possible.

Students enjoy the nice weather and work on their shoes outside in "Internal Stitchdown Shoemaking" with Michael Ismerio

Students enjoy the nice weather and work on their shoes outside in “Internal Stitchdown Shoemaking” with Michael Ismerio

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