Want to play an instrument to accompany singing?
Don’t want to sing?  Just have fun strumming along.
Four fingers, four strings… the ukulele was made for you!

Try Beginning Ukulele with instructor Peter Thomas February 22-27.

Learn basic chords, keys and styles like Hapa-Haole, Tin Pan Alley, old timey, bluegrass, folk, and rock – the uke can handle them all!

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Peter has fond memories of his dad playing the ukulele. Peter says his dad only knew three chords, but could sing and play any song with just those three cords. Peter grew up singing old songs to the the strumming of the uke.

Time went by and Peter learned to play guitar and bass. In the early 1990’s his brother mentioned he had a ukulele and that he should get one too, and they could play along with their dad.

Peter bought his first ukulele at a flea market. It was a nice Aloha Royal Hawaiian ukulele for only twenty bucks. With the old instruction manual, he tuned up the uke to A,D, F#, B (what he now calls the mainland tuning) like the manual told him to do and learned the chords.

The family didn’t form a band together, but he and his dad enjoyed playing songs like “Moonlight Bay,” “Pretty Baby,” and “Dark Town Strutter’s Ball.” He fell in love with the ukulele and brought it with him everywhere he went.


In 2002, Peter founded the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz with Andy Andrews. From that time he has been leading ukulele bands, selling ukuleles, ukulele books and teaching ukulele lessons.

Peter Thomas will be teaching Beginning Ukulele, February 22-27 at the Folk School.

For more information or to register, please our visit the website: folkschool.org

Visit Peter Thomas’ website.

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