Leah & Corinna Rose. Image is a video still from a project byl Grace Glowicki.

Leah & Corinna Rose. Image is a video still from a project by Grace Glowicki.

Please join us Monday March 2nd at 7 p.m. in the Keith House Community Room for a free Monday night concert that welcomes Montreal acoustic folk duo Corinna Rose and Leah Dolgoy for their first appearance together at the Folk School.

While this will be Corinna’s first Folk School experience, we are delighted to welcome back two-time student host, Leah Dolgoy and to see how her Folk School mountain musical education weaves its way into her Montreal-based indy-folk project. I caught up with Leah to ask her a little bit about this:

Cory Marie: Leah! We are so excited that you are coming to see us. We’ve missed you! Tell me about your band and what you’ve been up to.

Leah: Corinna and I have been playing together for five years and have been touring together for nearly as long. We’ve recorded two studio albums with a larger ensemble and one acoustic EP that we put together live of just the two of us. We are heading back into studio to record our second acoustic EP at the end of March. I love the direction of Corinna’s songwriting and it’s been inspiring for me to push the boundaries of my main instrument (autoharp) as well as to incorporate my Folk School musical knowledge and training on folk harp into her new material. I think the sweet little Campbellin I made in John Huron’s class last year might even make an appearance on the new record. The Folk School has had such a profound influence on my life and way of seeing the world. I know that this is reflected in the music we play in all sorts of ways. Next Monday, we’ll probably even play a few tunes that I learned in Brasstown and taught to Corinna.

Cory Marie: What are your plans for your stay in Brasstown?

Leah: (sigh) It’s going to be such a quick visit. I wish I had more time but we are in the middle of a big tour on the American east coast with most of our dates being much further north. I am so excited about introducing Corinna to the Folk School community so that is certainly a priority. I want to wander around campus, visit my favorite spots, jam with friends, and hug everyone. Oh – and we’re also playing Morning Song on Tuesday. That’s a priority. I love Morning Song.

Show details:

Corinna Rose
Monday, March 2 at 7 pm
Keith House Community Room
Admission is free.

Visit corinnarose.com to learn more.

Hear Corinna Rose on bandcamp.com



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