Gulshan Singh teaches about spices and ingredients in Northern Indian Cooking.

Gulshan Singh teaches about spices and ingredients in Northern Indian Cooking.

Have you ever gone to an Asian market or stood in the ethnic food aisle at the supermarket and stared blankly at the bottles and spices, each staring back at you like a mystery waiting to be solved? It is challenging to jump into another ethnic cuisine without a helping hand or guidance. Many weeks of the year, the Folk School Cooking Studio turns into a trans-national laboratory for learning about a style of cooking and you often can take a trip around the world without leaving Brasstown.

Expand your ideas of cuisine by exploring the tastes, textures, and ingredients of Asia, Greece, France, India, and more. Demystify foreign spices and learn different techniques of cooking from professionals who specialize in specific cuisines. Your life in the kitchen will be forever improved as add new recipes and ingredients to your cooking repertoire.

Stuffed okra

Stuffed okra

Taste of India

Gulshan Singh teaches us the easy way of cooking complete Indian meals and incorporating the spices into your everyday cooking all while taking a cultural journey in Cooking of Northern India (April 3-8). Indian food is among the most delicious and nutritious cuisines in the world. Gulshan is a native of India and has taught North Indian cooking for 20 years.

Prepare wholesome and tasty soups, curries, Indian breads like naan & paratha, chutneys and delicious appetizers like pakoras, tikkias, and samosas in Eclectic Indian Cuisine (June 26-July 2) with Ruby Banerjee. Ruby is originally from Calcutta, India. Growing up in different regions of India gave her the opportunity to experience the varied cultures and cuisines of her country.

Long to Be a European Epicurean?


Annie Erbsen De Bacco

From broths to bannocks, salmon to “kail,” use a variety of hearth-cooking techniques to explore the traditional foods of 18th-century Scotland and Northern Ireland in Scottish Hearth Cooking with Karen Becker (August 30-September 5). Learn how to build and manage a hearth-cooking fire, use a bake oven, read historic recipes, and where to find obscure foodstuffs.

Mother daughter duo Annie Erbsen De Bacco & Barbara Swell will share hand-gathered “peasant” recipes from French and Italian Alpine farmers, grandmothers, and chefs in Alpine Farmhouse Cooking (March 6-12). Born and raised in Western NC, Annie spent many years in the Alpine wonderland in Valle d’Aosta, Italy where she enjoyed creating a fusion between Alpine and Appalachian cuisine. Read more about Annie on her blog Appalachian to Alpine.

A student holds a delicious salad created in

A student holds a delicious salad created in

Celebrate Scandinavian Heritage Week by working with the innovative chef of Denmark’s West Jutland Folkehøjskole to create traditional Scandinavian dishes prepared with pure and simple organic foods. Using fish, chicken, pork, and plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, learn the secrets of this age-old cuisine – but with a nouveau twist in Hanne Mette Jensen’s New Nordic Cuisine-Taste and Sense (March 20-26).

Fine cuisine does not have to take hours to prepare, especially when you learn from a master of bistro cooking. Discover formulas and techniques to create your own recipes, menus, and plate presentation. Each day will feature new appetizers, salads, entrées, and desserts in Bistro Cooking—Parisian Home-style Cuisine with Jerri Fifer (May 22-28).

A delicious feast

A delicious feast created in “Big, Fat, Wild Greek Cooking” with Patricia K. Howe.

Crave Mediterranean?

Discover how to use wild greens, edible flowers, berries, seeds, and herbs to cook and eat like a Greek in Big, Fat, Wild Greek Cooking (June 12-18) with Patricia K. Howe.

Patricia is a third-generation chef specializing in the traditional cuisine of Crete, Greece. She is co-owner of Wild Crete Travel, a tour company offering tours on Crete about traditional cuisine, wildflowers, and culture.

Tour of Asia

Delicious Asian dish by Tony Pisconeri

Delicious Asian dish by Tony Pisconeri

Explore exotic food ingredients, recipes, cooking techniques, and presentations of cuisine from around Asia – China, Japan, Thailand,

Malaysia, Korea, and Vietnam in Asian Cuisine (February 7-13) with Tony Pisconeri of Atlanta. Tony will discuss food culture and demystify Asian ingredients, cooking tools, and kitchen techniques to create authentic and delicious dishes!



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