Blacksmiths worked while onlookers enjoyed the show on Friday, November 6 during the 3rd Annual Hammer-In.


Items created at the Hammer-In: Wine rack / Fireplace set / Colonial cookware set


Mike working with the torch on the vise.

The Friday night before the Blacksmith & Fine Craft Auction, over 25 blacksmiths of the Southern Appalachian region met in the Clay Spencer Blacksmith Shop for a Hammer-In to collaborate on fine artisan projects to donate to the auction.

This was the 3rd Annual Hammer-In and the shop was open to the public to view the smiths in action. A large crowd enjoyed watching professional blacksmith working together in the shop.

Tim Ryan and Pattie Bagley served delicious fare and the evening was a merry affair for both the audience and working blacksmiths alike.


Blacksmiths enjoyed collaborating and spending chill time with each other in the Clay Spencer Blacksmith Shop.


Smith in training! Learning to shape clay on the wooden anvil is a perfect way to learn blacksmithing fundamentals.

Blacksmiths worked into the wee hours of the morning on many projects to put into the auction the following day. Teams worked on a wine rack, a fire place tool set, fireplace andirons, a Colonial cookware set, and more.

We are so thankful to them for their generosity and helping to make our 2015 Blacksmith & Fine Craft Auction a huge success. The total raised by all the dontated items (including all the Hammer-In masterpieces) was $18,527.

JCCFS Resident Blacksmith, Paul Garrett commented that the annual Hammer-In is a rare and fun opportunity for blacksmiths to get together to share ideas and collaborate on projects in a relaxed atmosphere. Many of the blacksmiths who participated are instructors at the Folk School throughout the year, but they never get a chance to cross paths in the shop. The Hammer-In is an annual opportunity for smiths to congregate.

Thanks blacksmiths for all your hard work, creativity, and dedication!

Interested in Blacksmithing? Browse our upcoming Blacksmithing class at the Folk School.


2015 Hammer-In in the Clay Spencer Blacksmith Shop

Team strike to get the work done efficiently.

A big thanks to Paul Garrett for sharing all his Hammer-In photos!

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