Handwoven ornaments by JoEl Levy LoGiudice


If you could make all your holiday gifts in one week wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity. Well this is your lucky day because John C Campbell Folk School is offering a class “Handwoven for the Holidays” on December 6-12, 2015 during their special weeklong event “Holidays in the Mountains“. This class is designed for all level students from Beginning to Advanced. It will feature working on 4 types of looms. Everyone will begin by creating simple ornaments and coin purses on cardboard looms. From there students will move on to creating small stuffed animals such as sheep, birds and mice on pin looms.  


Handmade ornaments by JoEl Levy LoGiudice

Then they will advance to weaving on an inkle loom. This is a great loom for making everything from belts to guitar straps to a variety of tree.  The weeklong create-a-thon ends with weaving purses, trivets and small table runners on a four-harness floor loom. So as you can see we have your entire gift list covered in one week:  stuffed toys for the youngsters, belts or woven key rings for the men on your list, purses or woven jewelry for the ladies and tree ornaments for all your friends and co-workers. I have had a great time designing the projects for this class and I know everyone with have fun getting into the holiday spirit.

It’s not to late to register for Handwoven for the Holidays, December 6 – 12, 2015.


Handwoven by JoEl Levy LoGiudice

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