Here’s Olga, a Work/Study student wearing the Leather Outback hat sample created by Donna.

Learn how to make a stylish and practical leather outback hat in Donna Wiggins’ upcoming class, Stylish Leather Hat for Men or Women. You don’t have to have a trip to the Australian outback planned to rock this rugged hat which will shade you from the sun and keep you cool whether you are in the bush, at a festival, or on a walk through the woods.Students will learn how to make a custom sized pattern so you can then make them for anyone from kids to adult. The leather outback hat can be stitched by hand or by using a specialty leather sewing machine. Donna will bring her commercial portable leather sewing machine and you will have the opportunity to use it. This hat is made from goat leather and is too thick to sew on most home machines. Students can dye their hats a beautiful British Tan (as shown in the photos), dark brown, or be left natural. All three will be finished with a leather finisher.After completing this outback hat, if there is time and want to make a second hat you can choose from a ball cap, flat cap or bucket hat. All the supplies and leather for any additional hat will be available for purchase from the instructor. Contact Donna after enrolling to discuss if there are other hats you want to make in addition to the outback hat: or 918-977-0830.

Donna’s Upcoming Classes:

Stylish Leather Hat for Men or Women

July 23-28, 2017
Ever have a hat that fit just right? Join us to learn how to make a custom-fit Outback style hat that will become your new favorite. All stitching can be done by hand, but the instructor will bring a commercial leather sewing machine for student use. Additional patterns will be available, and leathers will be offered for sale in class – nothing required to bring. All levels welcome. Register today!

Dog Leads & Leashes

Friday, July-30, 2017
Our pets are beloved family members. Show how special they are by making a custom collar, harness, or lead. No other pet on the block will have one like it! If your pet tends to pull, back out, or chew through its harness or lead, the instructor will teach you how to make one that corrects those problems. This fast-paced weekend class will introduce beginners to the basics of leatherworking; only manual dexterity and moderate hand strength are required. Register today!

About Donna

Donna is a Native American teacher and artist who began learning the traditional crafts of leatherworking, beadworking, and sewing at an early age. Her teaching style is fun and relaxed, and many of her students depart calling her “friend” instead of “teacher.” Donna often imparts tips and hints in the form of what she calls “old indian tricks,” when teaching a technique that can only be learned from experience. She currently teaches Native American crafts to kids and adults at colleges, museums, and living history events.

Donna teaching leatherworking in 2014 at the Folk School.



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