Join Peter Thomas on September 17-23 and learn how to make your ukulele sing. This introductory class is appropriate for beginners and intermediate alike. Even though the class description says level one, students who already have a little experience are welcome and will certainly have fun and advance their playing skills by taking the class. The class is always great fun.

Enjoy a video of a previous class made by Peter’s teaching assistant Dave Peters – as the class performed “The Brasstown Polka,” an original song by Dave:

Class information:

Beginning Ukulele

Students play a tune on the uke in the Music Studio.

September 17-23, 2017
Instructor: Peter Thomas

Want to play an instrument to accompany singing? Four fingers, four strings…the ukulele was made for you! Learn basic chords, keys, and beyond. We will play songs like “Five Foot Two,” “Hey, Good Lookin’,” and many more. Hapa-Haole, Tin Pan Alley, old timey, bluegrass, folk, and rock – the uke can handle them all! Don’t want to sing? Just have fun strumming along. (Level 1 – no experience required.)

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About Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas. Photograph by Frank Doring.

Peter is a ukulele aficionado who loves to introduce people to the joys of playing this instrument. He is president-for-life of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz (CA), plays in several bands in that area, and leads a monthly jug-band sing & play-along in Santa Cruz. Peter and his wife, Donna, are also book and paper artists who have been creating books together for over 30 years.

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