Blacksmithing: Beginning Blacksmithing Techniques with David Cayton

Chair Seats: Caning Backs and Bottoms with Jack Worrill

Clay: Creative Ways with Colored Clay with Chris Campbell

Cooking: The Lost Art of Pie Making with Barbara Swell & Evan Kleiman

Dyeing: Surface Design on Fabric Using Natural Dyes with Donna Brown

Gardening: Going Organic with Jane Burke

Metalwork: Metal Forming with Copper with Jim Richardson

Mixed Media: Get into the Mix—Adventures in Acrylic & Mixed Media with Bradley Wilson

Music: Old-time Jam Camp with Michael Ismerio & Ben Nelson

Photography: Moving beyond Your Creative Comfort Zone with John DiGiacomo

Printmaking: Printmaking Paradise, Teeming with Techniques with Sally Ann Walsh

Quilting: Feathered Star with Augusta Cole

Woodturning: Let’s Turn Some Great Gifts! with Steve Cook

Woodworking: Trestle-style Coffee Table with Robert Haase