Basketry: Bark Basketry with Mary Ann & Bill Smith

Blacksmithing: Basic Blacksmithing—Hammering Out the Basics with Marty Young

Cooking: Forest to Fork: Identifying & Enjoying Edible Mushrooms with Russell Cutts

Drawing: Cartoon Portraits—The Art of Caricature with Jack Cassady

Felt Making: Purses, Pansies, and Pots with Geri Forkner

Gardening: Organic Container Gardening with Frances Juhlin

Jewelry: Etch a Sketch and More with Liz Evans

Marbling: Introduction to Marbling with Regina & Daniel St. John 

Music: Irish Fiddle: Intro to Fun Irish Trad Tunes with Tom Morley

Sewing: Beginning Sewing with Andi Bedsworth

Unique Offerings: Woodburning a Walking Stick with Terri Paulk 

Woodturning: Three Projects to Explore with Joe Ruminski

Woodworking: Artful Birdhouses and Bird Feeders with James Green