If you’ve been to the Folk School, you know how seriously we take our student comment forms. We ask every student and instructor in every class – that’s about 6,900 people per year – to tell us what would make their Folk School experience even better. And we read every single one.

We’re gratified to mostly receive glowing reviews from everyone. The Folk School brings people together in a supportive, engaging, and beautiful place where they learn from their instructors, connect with their classmates, and tap into their own creative mindsets.

Some students make suggestions about their studio’s layout or equipment. Some tell us of an opportunity to improve their housing experience. Some campus improvements receive multiple requests.

We’ve been listening, and have launched a Fund-A-Need program to help ensure everyone can have those powerful creative learning and authentic interpersonal experiences that allow us to grow and be our best selves.

On our website, fundaneed.folkschool.org, you’ll find important items that will enhance the Folk School experience. Woodturning tools, housing porch rockers, enameling studio countertops, campus wi-fi upgrade – you get the idea. By donating toward any item, you become an enduring part of your nonprofit Folk School, ensuring not just a better experience for yourself, but for other learners, as well.  As one donor who’s helping us purchase blacksmith tongs said:This is a great school! I am by no means rich, but am willing to help out with small donations such as this.

How It Works

You can choose to fully or, in some cases, partially fund an entire need. For example, we’re asking for 13 portable easels for our Painting Studio at $50 each. You can donate any number, up to 13, just by entering that number in the quantity box.

With a funding goal of $10,000, we’re also asking for help to grow our archive collection of traditional and contemporary craft items and pertinent historical documents and items. We’ve offered that in 10 increments of $1,000, allowing you to choose how much you would like to contribute to the total, e.g., $1,000, $5,000, etc. Then, just check out from your cart using your credit card.

If you’d prefer to pay by check, make it payable to John C. Campbell Folk School and list the item(s) you’re donating to in the “Memo field” on your check (or include a note). Mail it to Kathi Osborne, Development Director, John C. Campbell Folk School, 1 Folk School Rd., Brasstown, NC 28902. Please call us if you have questions: 800-365-5724.

When you choose to support the Fund-A-Need program, you’re fostering the inspired engagement that’s such an important part of our unique Folk School experience. My beloved Rock Room is a source of joy and creativity! It’s the least I can do! said one nice donor of her decision to fund six folding tables for Rock Room, our studio for basketry, brooms, chair seats and gourds classes.

We hope you’ll take a moment to visit the Fund-A-Need website, and see if there’s anything there that’s important to you. Your support makes all the difference, and we thank you for being an essential part of the Folk School. 

Jerry Jackson
About Jerry Jackson

Jerry Jackson is the Executive Director of the John C. Campbell Folk School.