Basketry: Creative Gourd-carving Techniques with Marianne Barnes

Blacksmithing: Traditional Tools Made Traditionally with Elmer Roush

Cooking: Home-brewing Artisan Beers with Nick Kelischek

Drawing: Illustrating Nature’s Marvelous Patterns with Redenta Soprano

Dyeing: Focus on Blues with Bex Oliger

Kaleidoscopes: The World of Stained-glass Kaleidoscopes with Sheryl Koch

Lace: Frivolité: Tatted Lace for Beginner with Dale Drake

Marbling: Marbling and Beyond with Pat K. Thomas

Music: Mountain Songs on the Mountain Dulcimer with Aubrey Atwater

Photography: The Dance of Photography with Laura L. Gingerich

Quilting: UFO Quilt Clinic—Un-Finished Objects! with Nancy Hinds

Soap Making: Bars, Bath, Beauty…& Birthdays! with Michele Price

Woodcarving: Carving a Character in Wood with Marvin Daniels

Woodturing: Staved Segmented Turning for Kitchen Items with Jason Swanson