Basketry: Plaited Basketry with Nontraditional Materials with Judith Saunders

Blacksmithing: Citters with Joe Miller

Clay: Going Wild with Clay with Chris Jones

Cooking: Fresh Takes on Regional Southern Cooking, Mountains to Sea with Sheri Castle

Enameling: Painting in Enamels with Charity Hall

Felt Making: Silk Painting + Felt = Nuno Collage with Liz Spear & Neal Howard

Metalwork: Copper Treasure Chest with Clay Spencer & Bob Taylor

Music: Native American Flute with Billy Whitefox & Linda Prejeant

Nature Studies: Secrets of the Forest with Carol Parks 

Painting: Oil in Plein Air: The Painter’s Craft with John Mac Kah

Paper Art: Papermaking: Weeds & Rags to Finished Book with Anne Murray

Weaving: Handweaving: Beyond the Basics with Dianne Totten

Woodturning: Platters: Turning, Detailing, and Finishing with Andy Gunning

Woodworking: The “Campbellin” Returns! with Jim Miller & John Huron