Basketry: Woven Ornaments & Decorations with Pattie Bagley

Blacksmithing: Beginning Blacksmithing with Lyle Wheeler

Clay: Exploring Cone-6 Glazes with Lucy Hamilton

Enameling: Enameling with Decals with Sheryl Koch

Jewelry: Just for Fun with Barbara Joiner & Carol Eder-Smith

Knitting: Beginning Knitting with Emolyn Liden

Music: Continuing Mountain Dulcimer with Sarah Morgan 

Painting: Painting in Dry-brush Watercolor with Alan R. Young

Paper Art: Paper Cutting for the Holidays with Barbara Stoop

Sewing: Basket Wraps with Fran Grossman

Weaving: Weave a Shawl on a Tri-Loom with R.J. Hadle

Woodcarving: Rustic Carving in Driftwood & Found Wood with Billy Reynolds

Woodturning: Sticks and Stool: Woodturning Basics & More with Kimberly Winkle

Woodworking: Make Your Own Washtub Bass with Jack Smoot