Basketry: Traditional Scandinavian Baskets Using Nontraditional Materials with Judith Saunders

Beads: Glass Bead Making—Kick It Way Up! with Terry Hale

Blacksmithing: Viking-style Ironwork with Elmer Roush

Clay: Lively Pottery Surfaces with Michael Kline

Cooking: Scandinavian Desserts Made Simple with Kim Hendrickson 

Dolls: Felting Folk Figures—Elves, Gnomes & Trolls with Karen Richardson 

Jewelry: Beginning Jewelry with Jim Richardson 

Knitting: Haapsalu Lace, a Beautiful Estonian Tradition with Nancy Bush

Music: Migration of Songs with Sara Grey 

Painting: Scandinavian Painted Furniture with Peg Piltingsrud 

Paper Art: Papercutting: An International Craft with Linda Miller

Rugs: Norwegian Fleece Rug with Judith MacKenzie 

Woodcarving: Scandinavian-style Figure Carving with Charles Banks

Woodturning: Creative Power Carving with Sammy Long

Woodworking: Scandinavian Kuksa Cup, Bowl & Spoons with Hazen Alward

Tipper Pressley
About Tipper Pressley

Tipper Pressley is the Marketing & Communications Assistant at the John C. Campbell Folk School.