Sourdough English muffins are a great recipe to make when you feed your sourdough starter. The preferment includes a dash of sugar, while the main dough recipe includes baking soda. Both of these ingredients help the dough rise, meaning that the recipe should work even if your starter is a bit past its prime or you don’t do the greatest job at kneading. (If the starter has been in the fridge for a month, with a skin across the top, you should probably toss the skin and feed the rest before using it, however.)
In addition to the forgiving recipe, it’s exciting to place your rounds of dough on a frying pan and watch as they poof up, and then flip them to reveal—voila!—an English muffin.
I enjoy the muffins with Earth Balance margarine, but they’re also great if you’re using up last summer’s supply of jam, or making eggs Florentine with some fresh spring spinach and eggs.
Watch below to see how they’re made. View the recipe on my website.
Emily Buehler walks us through the process of making sourdough English muffins.

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Emily Buehler is a regular bread baking instructor at the Folk School. Her next class “The Science of Bread” is scheduled for September 20–26, 2020.

Emily became a bread baker in 2001, intending to take a break after finishing a degree in chemistry. Six months later, she began teaching bread classes. Emily has written a book on bread making — techniques, not recipes — that includes a section on the science occurring in the dough. (Chemistry does come in handy!) Currently, she is pursuing her writing and enjoying life as a home-baker.

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Emily Buehler
Written by Emily Buehler