Although the Folk School is not able to bring people together during this time, many staff are connecting with arts and craft organizations through email, phone, and online meetings. We are encouraged by the outpouring of support and concern for the craft community as we learn about resources for artists during these times.  We have compiled a list of COVID-19 resources available for artists here. If you have additional information and would like to contribute to this list, please post a comment below.

You can also check out our COVID-19 Community Resources list here, for local resources and ways to give back.

Artist Resource List

Americans for the Arts

Check out Americans for the Arts list of resources here, and take a survey to help gather data on the economic impact this crisis has had on the arts. 

Artist Relief Fund

Americans for the Arts and a multitude of funders have announced the Artist Relief Fund. This fund is offering $5,000 grants to artists facing dire financial emergencies. To learn more about the Artist Relief Fund and the deadlines to apply, visit their relief page here.

American Craft Council

American Craft Council has a list of resources available for artists. Click here to find a list of resources as well as lists for specific regions and information about the CARES Act.

Cerf +

Cerf + has been dedicated to providing support and relief to artists for over thirty years. Visit their website to find information on COVID-19 resources.

VAE Raleigh

Check out VAE Raleigh to find information on a relief opportunity for North Carolina artists.

Spring Board for the Arts

Spring Board for the Arts is an economic and community development organization by artists for artists. They offer emergency relief funding to artists and resources for those who would like to start their own relief fund in their community. Spring Board for the Arts also provides resources for community care and mental health care. To learn more, visit their website.

Arts Greensboro

Arts Greensboro is offering a fund for Greensboro area artists and is offering assistance in navigating CARES Act. For more information, visit their website here.


Check out this #ArtistResource list here to find resources for freelance artists and performers.

The Adolf and Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant

The Adolf and Esther Gottlieb Emergency Grant program is providing interim financial assistance to qualified painters, printmakers, and sculptors whose needs are the result of an unforeseen incident and who lack the resources to meet that situation. Each grant is given as one-time assistance for a specific emergency. To apply, visit this link.

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants – COVID-19 Fund

The Foundation for Contemporary Arts has created a temporary fund to meet the needs of artists who have been impacted by the economic fallout from postponed or canceled performances and exhibitions. Each grant will fund $1,500 to an artist in need. To learn more, visit their website.

New York Foundation for the Arts Rauschenberg Emergency Grants

New York Foundation for the Arts is partnering with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation to administer a new emergency grant program that will provide one-time grants of up to $5,000 for unexpected medical emergencies. The grants are available to visual and media artists and choreographers who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents in the United States, District of Columbia, or U.S. Territories. To learn more about whether your art fits into this category, email the grants administrator. For more information, visit this link.

National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Arts has created a comprehensive resource list for a variety of different makers. Visit this link to learn more.

South Arts

South Arts is offering Professional Development & Artistic Planning Grants of up to $1,000 to support Southern presenters, programmers, or curators. Visit this link to learn more.

Barbie White
Written by Barbie White