“The Red-Railed Walkway” by June Rollins

Students and staff are often asked, “What is your favorite place on campus?“ From my first visit to now, eight years later, my favorite place is walking up the red-railed walkway. 

When I painted this full sheet watercolor, my role in the Craft Shop was greeting newcomers to the Folk School. Several times a day, almost every day, I told visitors to, “Follow the Red-Railed Walkway,” when answering their questions for directions to the Keith House, the History Center and to the studios.

One evening when I got off from work, a late afternoon rain had caused the red railing and slate path to be more color saturated and the background woods to be a darker value. I was inspired to take a reference photo and attempt to paint what I felt. Here is a slideshow of the painting process.

I love the symbolism of beginning our journeys and walking our paths. Seasoned professionals and first-time beginners arrive each week, all following the red-railed walkway in hopes of where it will lead: new hobbies, new skills, new friends and new lives. 

Whatever your path of creative discovery, the red-railed walkway is waiting.

June Rollins presents a step-by-step slideshow of the process she used to create her painting of the iconic red-railed walkway at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.
June Rollins
About June Rollins

June is a signature member of the Watercolor Society for North Carolina and the Southern Watercolor Society. She works from photo references and intuitively, without preplanned sketches. June is the originator of the Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping process and author of Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Quick Reference Guide, along with five instructional DVDs, available as downloads and streaming. She is currently enjoying creating in traditional oils. Her debut novel, She Lost Her Muse, will be released on Amazon December 2020.

June works in the Craft Shop and loves being surrounded by the creativity and fine craft at the Folk School. Visit June’s website.