The Folk School is excited to partner with Lessonface, an innovative online learning organization founded by Claire Cunningham, a previous Work/Study student. Between February and April 2021, we’re offering our students 30 diverse online classes.

Choose from a variety of subject such as music, cooking, painting, nature studies, writing, paper arts, knitting, spinning, and quilting. A talented instructor leads each session, offering demonstrations and conducting group follow-up sessions. Students are also encouraged to delve into the finer points of their class subject. You’ll also participate in a Folk School orientation and closing ceremony.
If you’re a returning Folk School student, you’re sure to reconnect with that magical feeling of being on our campus. Our first-time students will learn what it means to “Sing Behind the Plow.” To further enhance your class experience, look for a session that’s broadcast live from our Folk School campus.

We are pleased to offer these Zoom classes in varied lengths and formats, based on the topic and instructor. Class sizes range from 8 to 30 students. Tuition ranges from $60 to $250, depending on class length and size.

Materials requirements will depend on the class topic and skill level. Some sessions require only a pencil, while other students will receive a personalized kit from the instructor. View class offerings below register for classes on Lessonface.


Treasures from Glass and Fire
Terry Hale & Marjorie Langston
March 29-April 2; meets daily
Broadcast from the Folk School campus.


Cheesemaking – From Lemon to Brasstown
Gary Colles
February 15-19, meets daily

Bread Making Basics
Emily Buehler
March 10-31, meets weekly
This class is full. Wait list available.

Fiber Arts

Dyeing: Double Dip Shibori
Jen Swearington
February 15-19; meets daily

Spinning: Hand Spun, Hand Knit Fair Isle
Martha Owen
February 22-26; meets daily
Broadcast from the Folk School campus.
This class is full. Wait list available.

Knitting: Beginning Knitting: Cast-On Today
Emolyn Liden
March 1-22; meets weekly

Macrame: Macrame for Today
Katrina Stone
March 2-23; meets weekly

Weaving: Let’s Look at Design for Fiber Art!
Tommye Scanlin
March 8-12; meets daily
Broadcast from the Folk School campus.
This class is full. Wait list available.

Embroidery: Playful Freeform Embroidery
Tasha Miller Griffith
March 13 & 14

Quilting: Color Sense
Annie Smith
March 15-19; meets daily

Stitching: Sashiko: Japanese Art of Mending
Beth Ross Johnson
March 15-19; meets daily

Music & Dance

Fiddle: Easy Tunes for Beginning Fiddlers
Tom Morley
February 2-23; meets weekly

Singing: Mountain Songs for the Soul
Susan Pepper
February 4-25; meets weekly

Dulcimer: Welcome to the Mountain Dulcimer
Anne Lough
February 8-12; meets daily
This class is full. Wait list available.

Mandolin: Old-time Mandolin for the Young at Heart
Jim Miller
February 15-19; meets daily

Dance: Freeform Flatfoot Clogging
Aubrey Atwater
March 3-24; meets weekly

Harp: Continuing Harp: Stories and Songs of Turlough O’Carolan
Lorinda Jones
March 11-April 1; meets weekly

Nature Studies

Birding: For the Love of Birds
Liz Domingue
March 6-7; meets daily

Sculpture: Sculpting from Nature
Steve Fielding
March 22-26; meets daily


Watercolors Made Easy!
Joe Synan
February 22-26; meets daily
This class is full. Wait list available.

Paint, Paper, and Play!
Bradley Wilson
March 8-12; meets daily
Second class added: April 5-9; meets daily
March class is full. Wait list available.

Alcohol Inks: Go with the Flow
Teri Jones
March 22-26; meets daily

Paper Arts


iPhone Photography Composition
Warren Berry
February 20 & 21

Digital SLR—Taking Better Pictures
Jim Morgenthaler
March 3-24; meets weekly
This class is full. Wait list available.


Writing & Storytelling

Writing: “What’s in Your 2020 Writing Folder?”
Dana Wildsmith
February 1-5; meets daily
Broadcast from the Folk School campus.

Storytelling: Appalachian Wonder Tales
Adam Booth
February 3-24; meets weekly

Writing: How-to-Haiku
Thomas Painting
February 20 & 21
Broadcast from the Folk School campus.

Writing: Finding Your Story, Writing Your Life
Barbara Presnell
March 27 & 28

Meet Claire Cunningham

Meet Claire Cunningham, founder of Lessonface and former Folk School Work Study student. In a recent blog post, Claire describes how her time at the Folk School has impacted her and the founding of Lessonface. We are so excited to partner with Lessonface to bring online learning to you this spring. It is wonderful to be able to partner with an online learning platform developed by a person who has spent time on our campus and knows the spirit of the Folk School. Enjoy her blog post!

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