Every summer the Folk School opens its doors to young folks ages 7-17 for Little/Middle Folk School, an opportunity for youths to discover Appalachian culture and to take part in hand-on programs in dozens of arts and crafts. Little/Middle is scheduled for June 20-26, 2021. Participants are divided into two groups. “Littles” are rising second-graders to rising sixth-graders, and “Middles” are rising seventh-graders to rising twelfth-graders (minimum age 11). Due to COVID-19, Littles take 2 classes and Middles take 1 class out of nearly 17 youth classes. View class offerings below.

Applications will go live on April 7 on our SlideRoom Page.

Space is limited and we usually reach capacity with a waitlist. We recommend that you sign up as soon as possible once the application is open. If accepted, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance by email from the Folk School and a class schedule and materials list will be emailed at the end of April. If you are not accepted, you will be placed on a wait list. You may contact us at any time to remove yourself from the wait list.

Class begins at 9:05 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. All students must be picked up no later than 4:30 pm. No aftercare program is available. Tuition for Little/Middle is $150 per child. Balance is due no later than May 20. Due to COVID-19, there is no onsite housing available for students, parents or volunteers. A nonrefundable application fee of $5 is required in order to complete the online application.

Little/Middle Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be made after May 20, 2021. If a student must be removed from the program due to a discipline problem, no refund will be given.

A limited number of Little/Middle scholarships are available based on financial need for Cherokee and Clay county residents. For a scholarship, you can apply directly on the Little Middle application. Please contact Tammy Godfrey for more information at 828-837-2775.

Health & Safety
Please read our Covid-19 Safety Guidelines. These guidelines may be amended at any time at the sole discretion of the Folk School. Updates will be posted on the Folk School’s website and reasonable efforts will be made to notify students and instructors prior to their class date.

Click here for 2021 Little Middle Volunteer Form.

Little Folk School Class Offerings

“Littles” are rising second-graders to rising sixth-graders.

Group 1

Basketry: Baskets and Boxes – Nancy Hinds
Create several different, colorful baskets and boxes using a variety of materials like cereal boxes, painted paper, fabric, and beads.

Recycled Critters and Creations – Shari Shifrin
Learn how to repurpose everyday materials into mountain critters! Create a rainbow trout, hedgehogs, and even your very own totem pole using ordinary household items.

Group 2

Clay: Let’s Get Dirty! – Ken & Melody Shipley
Learn to make painted cups, bowls, animals, or any creature you can think of out of clay!

Weaving: Spin a Rainbow, Weave a Story – Geri Forkner
Make lots of fun things with fibers like the ones in your clothes. Spin, dye, and weave them the way your ancestors did, make jump ropes, tell Appalachian stories, and sing work songs.

Group 3

Drawing: Working with Pen and Pencil – Pattie Bagley
Would you like to learn how to draw like a real artist with a pen or pencil? Come spend the week with Ms. Pattie and learn how to make your drawings come to life.

Gourd Art: Magical Gourd House -Linda Vanderlaan
Learn how to make a gourd house that doubles as a night light. You will be able to paint and decorate your very own hobbit or fairy house.

Group 4

The Magic of Puppets – Claire Ritzler
Learn how to be a puppeteer by making your own moving mouth hand puppet. Create a character and participate in a performance.

Book Making Magic – Annie Fain Barralon
Making your own handmade books is kind of magic. Some are made from a single page, some have origami star shaped pages, some fold like an accordion and others are stitched together with a needle. Embellishments can be added using decorative papers from around the world, found images, pressed flowers and even ribbons, buttons and beads. Make a different kind of book each day and go home with a collection of magical creations.

Group 5

Nature Ninjas -Joel Zachry
Learn and explore outside. Find clues in nature’s goofy, slimy, and gross things. Animals, bugs, flowers, and trees will be teachers in the field for a safe and educational experience.

Ukulele and Percussion – Marvin Daniels & Jackson Foerster
Learn to play a few easy songs on the ukulele and to keep rhythm with egg shakers, brush drums, and other fun instruments.

Middle Folk School Class Offerings

“Middles” are rising seventh-graders to rising twelfth-graders (minimum age 11).

Blacksmithing: Magic Metal – Able Allen

Magic is the only way to explain the way heat and steel work together. Learn to manipulate metal and create useful items for your home. Leave with a strong foundation in ironwork and several pieces of art.

Dulcimer and Drama – Jennifer Rose Escobar

This class is where music and theater meet the Folk School. Learn some tunes on the Appalachian Dulcimer (you don’t have to bring your own – you can borrow mine if you need to) and work through some fun drama activities, including possibly creating some of our own material to present to each other. Our classroom has a stage, so let’s use it! The room and the class have plenty of space for personal expression.

Knitting: Knitting Ninjas Textile 3D Craft and Design – Emolyn Liden

Learn the skills to knit anything you can imagine. We will start with the basics to gain a strong foundation and then discuss how to create 3D artistic forms with knitting and textile techniques.

Mixed Media: Finding Your Superhero – Pam Beagle-Daresta

Explore superhero stories before creating your own heroic character. Use drawing, painting, and comic illustrations to give your superhero superpowers and abilities. You’ll build a world for them to inhabit.

Paper Art: Origami – Malachi Brown

Explore the secret life of paper. Learn how to make animals and toys with this handy material.

Photography: Capture Nature Through the Lens – Liz Domingue

Discover more about the natural world and improve your photography skills as you explore flora and wildlife. Learn techniques and improve your skills of observation and your enjoyment of nature.

Woodturning: Wood Wizards – Steve Cook

Spend a fun week making a variety of cool projects on the lathe. Learn how to make colorful spinning tops, yo-yos, Harry Potter wands, and even a gift. Move at your own pace and turn a block of wood into a piece of art.

Woodworking: Creative Designs – Brian Cunfer

Come make saw dust! Try your hand at woodworking, America’s fastest growing hobby. We will lay out and assemble a tool tote and step stool.

Learn about our other summer youth programming week: Intergenerational Week.

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