Dear Folk School Family,

Maritza Maxwell embraces vulnerability. If you’ve been to the Folk School, you know we provide a supportive place to explore your creativity and connect with others. Maritza says, “Creativity breeds vulnerability and to share that with others is really meaningful. Every single time I’ve been to the Folk School I’ve come away with long-lasting friendships. I just bought some honey last week from a friend I made there. You make friends over the course of a week, and they stick because you’ve shared an interesting week of vulnerability of learning and trying new things.”

The name of her handmade objects business, Hatch, is inspired by a Jamaican saying that you can’t hatch a chicken without breaking an egg. She says, “You have to push through the challenges to get to what you want.” As a Folk School student of 19 years, Maritza prefers classes that fall outside her established creative skills. “When I come to the school, I want to learn something I’ve never done before. And it seems every new thing I learn builds on skills I already have in different areas and ultimately informs all the creative things I do.”

The inspiration Maritza finds in her instructors, fellow students, and our beautiful campus motivates her to financially support the school: “The Folk School is my happy place, and I enjoy giving someone else the ability to experience that.” In addition to donating to our annual operations fund, Maritza recently used her 50th birthday to ask friends to help fund 13 Little-Middle Folk School scholarships for our week of summer classes for children. Her two children have attended for the last six years, and she has assisted in teaching the origami classes for the past two years. “Making something beautiful is an extraordinary thing to do and I want my children to experience that.”

Maritza joined our board of directors in April 2020, and we appreciate her involvement as we continue to navigate the negative effects of the pandemic. The suspension of classes for 15 months and being reopened now with smaller class sizes to allow for healthy operations has taken a financial toll on your beloved school. But you can help keep the Folk School healthy by donating today to our annual fund. We need and appreciate your support, and look forward to seeing you soon in Brasstown!



Jerry Jackson

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Jerry Jackson
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Jerry Jackson is the Executive Director of the John C. Campbell Folk School.