Author: Emolyn Liden, Writer, Student & Instructor

A Visit to the Tapestry Class

Last week turned into Fiber Fanatic week on the Folk School Blog.  I followed Charley Orlando’s knitting class around and they didn’t seem to mind one bit.

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I Wish I Were a Workstudy

Spring is in the air.  The daffodils aren’t just buds anymore.  They are big and vibrant.  It’s time to slow your pace as you walk around campus and see the crocuses pushing the heavy brown oak leaves out of the way.  And yes ~ hyacinths complete the trio.

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Follow the Aran-Gansey Knitting Class ~ Part 1

When you bump into Charley Orlando at the Folk School, one can’t assume he is teaching Blacksmithing, though he’s been teaching it here since 1989.  This is because Charley also teaches Tin Can Art and Knitting.  Charley’s classes are usually full with students waiting patiently on the sidelines hoping to get in.  Maybe we should make two of him.  That’s why this week we’re just going to follow Charley around as he takes his class into the world of Gansey and Aran knitting.   Let’s see what we’ll be discovering as the week progresses.

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From Sheep to Shawl with Martha Owen – Part 1

In the Wet Room studio this week we have “Sheep to Shawl” with resident artist Martha Owen.  “This class is a process class, not a production class,” Martha reminded her students.  In the middle of the week we were working with piles of wool, roots, vegetables, bugs, and other such ingredients.  But how would it all come together?

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