Author: Emolyn Liden, Writer, Student & Instructor

Blacksmith Auction

The blacksmithing program is one of the most popular at the John C. Campbell Folk School.   With the New Forge Building underway, many people are working hard to raise funds for the new studio.  The first Saturday in November, the day of the annual Blacksmith auction, was dedicated to the cause.

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Show and Tell and Closing Ceremony

Classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School begin with check-in, orientation, welcome dinner, and then a week or weekend packed full of class time.  From morning til night we think craft, whether it be music, dance or art.  While in studios, students try to let go of the outside world with it’s distractions and complications.  It’s a revelation when brows finally unfurrow and true creative relaxation sets in.

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Sunday at Fall Festival

The Sunday Morning String Band, Jan Davidson, Martha Owen, and David Liden started the day out right with some old time fiddle tunes.  This year they invited guests to the stage.  Fred Ward, a friend from England, played some tunes from old Britain on the melodion, which looks like a small accordion.  Before long they invited their youngsters, Chole Davidson, my sister Annie Fain Liden, and I to sing a family favorite –  Lazy John.

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Current Catalog

Embrace your creative potential, and join us for a life-changing Folk School experience. Our 2020 Folk School Catalog is now available, and all classes are open for registration. Choose a class and come join us in Brasstown this year.

Request a Catalog, or view the current eCatalog now. You can also search and register for all classes here.

The Folk School Cookbook

We are so excited about The Folk School Cookbook. Nanette Davidson, cookbook author, meticulously collected, curated, and adapted over 200 delicious recipes. These include some of the most memorable recipes served family-style in the school’s Dining Hall and at seasonal celebrations over the decades. Bring the Folk School’s culinary traditions into your own kitchen and order your copy today!