Author: Keather Gougler

Images from Advanced Weeks, January 2011

During the first few weeks of January (1/9-1/28), students and instructors came from as close as Brasstown, and as far away as Canada to take or teach intermediate and advanced classes in art & craft, music, and writing. The master instructors traveled here to spend time with us, teaching and enjoying their time spent at the Folk School. While many focused on improving their skills, there were a lot of new techniques being explored, like 3-D Kaleidoscope making, dyeing on wool using resist techniques and clamps, and making colorful, textured and crimped cloth in the Weaving Studio. There was experimentation with technology, such as using Photoshop to assist in the design process for tapestry, as well as printing photographs on silk fabric. (Can you tell which of the photos below is a piece of silk fabric with digital imagery?) The woodturners continued to awe us as they turned out vessels made from both native and exotic wood, and created boxes with lids, and vessels with feet. The potters threw some impressively large forms, and sculpted beautiful busts and figures. The blacksmiths forged glistening knives out of steel, made medieval padlocks, and hammered and welded a sculptural fish, a T-Rex dinosaur, and a larger-than-life rabbit. The Cooking Studio supplied the rest of the campus with the aroma of fresh-baked bread, as well as delicious samples, and the new outdoor oven was fired-up for the first time for a class! Here’s a sampling of photos from these last few weeks.

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A Couple of Treats

This month, while you’re waiting in the checkout line at your grocery store, flipping through magazines, you just might come across the Folk School. The October issue of Whole Living, in the “Smart Travel: Teaching Trips” article on page 24, recommends the Folk School as a destination to “channel your inner blacksmith, woodcarver, or weaver” and  has included a photo of a Folk School blacksmithing student at the anvil.

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A Celebration of Glorious Craft—American Craft Week, Oct 1-10

Next month a couple of very serious craft organizations, Craft Retailers & Artists for Tomorrow (CRAFT) and Craft in America will launch American Craft Week. Slated for Oct 1-10, this week aims to heighten the awareness of craft in America and explain how craft enriches our lives and contributes to our national aesthetic and economy. Anyone can join in the celebration by promoting craft in their local area. The American Craft Week website offers a fun list of ideas that individuals and organizations can do to get involved and help promote craft. The website also lists a schedule of American Craft Week events by state.

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Current Catalog

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While classes and events are currently suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic, our board of directors and staff continue to work toward reconnecting with our Folk School family on campus once it is considered safe and appropriate.

The Folk School Cookbook

Author Nanette Davidson meticulously collected, curated, and adapted over 200 delicious recipes for The Folk School Cookbook. These include some of the most memorable recipes served family-style in the school’s Dining Hall and at seasonal celebrations over the decades. Bring the Folk School’s culinary traditions into your own kitchen and order your copy today!