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Part II:   Who were these AFSC people, anyway? In Part I we discussed replacing the old wooden American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) medallion with the new ceramic one.  I hope by now you have gone by Paul Garrett’s shop, admired it, and told Lisa TeviaClark and Jim Clark what a fine job they did making […]

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Part I of a III Part Series During Blacksmith Work Week in March of 2012, we were replacing an old gable vent on the south side of the Oscar Cantrell Shop, now the shop of resident blacksmith, Paul Garrett. To remove the existing vent, a ladder was placed right in front of the old weathered, […]


The last few mornings in the History Center, I have been downstairs putting together our latest exhibit.  While I was absorbed in my thoughts of arranging textiles in glass display cases, I finally glanced up to notice Danny Wilson outside the window, on his hands and knees, busily working away.   It turns out, Danny was […]


A Monday Morning Message

by Jan Davidson, Director on April 13, 2009

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There are treasures in the Folk School archives that help us get perspective for understanding the days we live in. Anna Shearouse, who works in our archives, found this item. It is one of the “Monday Morning Messages” of William H. Danforth, who founded the Purina company.  He wrote these to his employees for forty […]

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by Anna Shearouse on January 17, 2009

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Carving, or “whittling” is one of the first crafts that comes to mind when one thinks of mountain crafts.  This might be because it doesn’t take a lot to get started.   The historic Brasstown Carvers used their pocket knives as tools.  They used wood that was available to them, such as walnut and buckeye, and […]

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