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Basketry, Brooms & Chair Seats

Swept Away by Broom Making

by Cory Marie Podielski on January 26, 2014

in Basketry, Brooms & Chair Seats

Whatever your abode, castle or cottage, you most likely have a broom in your home or hanging on your hearth. From besoms and cobweb brooms to more modern flat brooms and whimsical sculptural objects, brooms are important cultural symbols used for decoration and ritual, as well as functional tools. At the Folk School, we have […]


As a Folk School blogger, one of the most requested pieces of information I receive from locals is: “Why don’t you introduce the Hosts?” Well, as a former Work/Study and Host, I think it’s a great idea. So without further adieu… Let’s get to know a little bit about our current senior host, Meredith! CP: […]


The fall and winter represent a retreat to home and hearth: a time for congregation, household, and feast. For centuries, the hearth was essential to the home for warmth and food preparation – a center to gather around… the place to be. Merriam Webster defines hearth as 1.) a fireplace and the area surrounding, 2.) […]


Experts in their individual craft, the Folk School Resident Artists schedule classes, bring new instructors, keep the studios shipshape, and teach popular Folk School classes. With the arrival of the new catalog this month, now is the time to plan ahead and sign up for a class instructed by a Resident Artist. Carpe diem, as […]


Jo Rusin is an instructor and seat weaver at the Folk School. Recently, she’s been featured in the July 2013 issue of DeSoto Magazine which features all sorts of interesting people and places in the South. Read the issue online here, or see the article featuring Jo Rusin below.  Jo’s teaching a class at the […]