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Capital Campaign

Pizza Day minus 6 years. A potter, a dulcimer player, a painter, a poet and a berry farmer build a barrel-vaulted brick oven. Timber-framers build a structure around it. Iron workers make long-handled rakes, forks and peels. Stone-building classes dry-stack elbowhigh walls around it, carpenters make picnic tables and benches. Gardening classes plant fennel, oregano […]


On Friday night before the Blacksmith & Fine Craft Auction, blacksmiths from the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths (AACB) met for their annual meeting at John C. Campbell Folk School.  The members worked into the wee hours of the morning together on many projects to put into the auction the following day. Some blacksmiths came […]


The David Rakoff Scholarship Fund To celebrate the life of David Rakoff, The John C. Campbell Folk School has established a fund that will award the first David Rakoff Scholarship in 2013. This Scholarship fund will provide tuition for a week-long class. David was a student, a dear friend of the Folk School and a […]


Quadruple Your Contribution to the Newly Formed Folk School Endowment!

by Reed Caldwell, Development Manager on April 19, 2013

in Capital Campaign

As many of you know the Folk School has received a matching grant of $75,000 to help establish the John C. Campbell Folk School Endowment.  The BIG NEWS is that this 2:1 match has become a 4:1 match.  That’s right, every dollar you contribute to the Folk School Endowment will become four dollars. This fundraising […]


Everybody knows, that for the future, The Folk School must have an Endowment. We know the good the Folk School does. We want it to continue for generations to come. We want it to be strong enough to ride out downturns and emerge true and intact. We want the School to be available to folks, […]