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The summertime at the Folk School offers two opportunities for people under the age of 18 to take classes at the Folk School: Little/Middle Folk School and Intergenerational Week. For many young people, this is an ongoing tradition, so what happens when you turn 18 and age out of these programs? Do not fret, you […]


Scottish Heritage Week 2017

by Cory Marie Podielski on June 29, 2017

in Class Picks, Featured Classes, Themed Weeks

Early Scots and Scot-Irish settlers were an integral part of our vibrant Appalachian mountains culture. If you’re of Scottish descent, or have an affinity for the country’s customs and folkways, come enjoy a Scottish Heritage Week class from August 27–September 2. This “taste of Scotland” features diverse crafts, lively music, and savory food – all […]


Heavy Metal

by Cory Marie Podielski on June 22, 2017

in Blacksmithing, Class Picks, Featured Classes, Jewelry & Metalwork

You don’t have to be a hard rock fan to enjoy metal at the Folk School. Our blacksmithing, metalworking, jewelry making, and enameling classes showcase metal’s diverse personalities along with functional and decorative styles. Learn to hammer and shape iron or steel into sturdy hooks, striking candlesticks, or mighty axes. Or, create intricate necklaces, brooches, […]


Everyone will agree that a week at the Folk School passes too quickly. One minute, it’s Sunday night; you’re getting to know your teacher and studio and looking forward to the week ahead. The next minute, it’s Thursday afternoon, and you’re scrambling to finish work and facing the inevitable: that last meal in the dining […]

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Something Old, Something New

by Cory Marie Podielski on June 18, 2017

in Class Picks, Featured Classes

At the Folk School, we value old objects as we embrace new creations. We’re especially delighted by the opportunity to breathe new life into well-used items. Enjoy these class picks focusing on repair, reuse, and repurposing of familiar materials.