New 2018 Catalog

Our new 2018 Catalog is now available to pick up in the Keith House lobby. If you are on our mailing list, our new catalog is also currently mailing and will arrive shortly. If you don’t already receive one, request a printed catalog completing the form on our website. We’ll send a catalog directly to your mailbox.
Explore your creative side in our non-competitive, hands-on learning environment. From Basketry to Writing, choose from over 800 week long and weekend classes in 50 different disciplines. Settle down with a warm cup of tea, and take pleasure in perusing classes that will help enrich your life in the New Year.

About the Cover Art

Welcome Flag by Suzanne DesLauriers

“Welcome Flag is a watercolor painting about the joy and anticipation of coming to the John C. Campbell Folk School for that very special class. Pick up your packet in the office, don’t forget to get a cookie and some juice on your way out!”

—Suzanne DesLauriers

Cozy Up to Your Favorite Craft

Happy New Year from the Folk School! As we look forward to new opportunities in 2018, we invite you to continue your creative journey with us. The Folk School offers a diverse selection of weeklong and weekend classes throughout the year, and our mid-January catalog will showcase them all. Enjoy this sampling of upcoming classes, and come experience the Folk School for yourself this year.

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Holiday in the Mountains Week: December 3-9

Enjoy a relaxing, festive week at the Folk School during Holiday in the Mountains Week, December 3-9. Our last week of 2017 classes, this much-loved session celebrates the season with holiday-themed offerings and popular special events. Choose your favorite class, and come experience this magical week with us.

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Tend to Your Home & Hearth

October is here! Soon will be the time to gather around the table and to congregate in front of the fireplace. It is also a time to focus on crafts of the home and hearth. Consider our class picks to get you in the mood to get cozy around the fire and inspired for the fall season.

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Nothing Is As Expected in Printmaking Paradise

Collograph with Feather and Fabric

Last month’s printmaking class didn’t go as I’d planned.

The class was “Printmaking Paradise,” a survey of techniques, taught by Sally and Dick Walsh. In class, Sally taught us a few techniques each day. Some used the printing press, and some we could do at home with no fancy equipment. Sally encouraged us to have fun: to try everything but to go with the techniques we resonated with.

On day one, we tackled collagraphs. They seemed simple enough: spread ink onto a piece of matte board, lay found objects on top, cover with paper, and run the whole thing through the printing press. The first print will be a little sloppy, but the second and third will have more defined features, showing the textures of the objects. Sally’s example had a beautifully detailed feather printed on it.

I waited with eager fingers for my print to roll through the press. Then I peeled it off the board. My feather had printed as a disappointing white blotch: not enough ink. “Make another one!” Dick suggested, so I did, this time gopping on the ink under my feather. You can’t understand the process until you do it, I thought. Why did I expect things to be perfect the first time? Continue reading Nothing Is As Expected in Printmaking Paradise