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Socks and Sweaters: Expand Your Knitting Horizons with Margaret Radcliffe

Margaret Radcliffe is teaching two Knitting classes next month at the Folk School: My First Sock (Feb. 28 – March 2 / Weekend) and the Easiest Sweaters in the World (March 2-8). Come learn new techniques to take your garment knitting to the next level (or the first level if you are new to socks and sweaters). I chatted with Margaret about Knitting, the Folk School, and what it is like to write about Knitting. Enjoy our interview!

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Indigo Fun at the Folk School

Cindy Alley wrote a great blog about her experience as a student in last week’s “Yoruba Batik, Adire, and Tie Dye” with Gasali Adeyemo (Oct. 20-25, 2013):

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Dyeing to Weave a Scarf with Pam Howard, Weaving Resident at the Folk School

Dyeing to Weave a Scarf an apron, a shirt, a pillowcase a towel or what ever else we can come up with in this week dyeing and weaving class. Here are just a few photos of the colorful creations that have been made this week. The dye pots have been going full steam and now that our warps are dyed and are dried the sound of the shuttles are being heard in the weaving studio.

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Personal Places – Portraits in the Landscape

“Personal Places–Portraits in the Landscape” focused on working from photos to depict a story through an art quilt accomplished during the week. Our class was small, but that turned out to be a blessing. This class is very intense, there is a lot of information to process in five days.

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A Week of Hard Work Produces a Gorgeous Nuno-felted Jacket

We rock and ROLLED all week in Linda Veilleux’s Seamless, Nuno-felted Jacket class. Laying out wool for an entire long sleeved seamless coat that includes 45% shrinkage is no simple task, even for a short person like me. But thanks to our talented and patient teacher, we all are going home with finished coats – that FIT. She made the calculations easy with her computer program for the math impaired, and failed to notice our figure faults when taking our measurements. We shingled out pounds of wool onto multiple yards of silk then applied the magic ingredients, hot water, soap and elbow grease, lots of elbow grease.

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April’s Flowers

The glories of April fill every sense!  The feel of the wind in my hair thrills me; and I’m not even outside – I’m in the house in a windows-open day! After the immediate barrenness of winter, spring seems like a dream. Everything wild and cultivated takes on a new life of color, texture, sound, and smell…truly more than the senses can contain in any one moment or hour! Anywhere you go, the new green color is heading up the slopes. By the River Cane Trails and the fields that edge the Folk School campus, the new grass is thickly growing.

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Weaving and History

Last week has been a wonderful exploration into weaving history for me!  My dear friend and “weaving Mom,” Barbara Miller and I traveled to Berea College in Kentucky. We spent several long days looking through archives on early weaving programs at settlement schools in the Appalachian region.

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Cherokee Leaf Pounding and Quilting

Early in the week students concentrated on nature inspired art, while nature displayed its own original work in the form of rain. But the sun seems to be shining through the clouds now, bringing nice spring light into this week’s Earth Week classes. I’ve spent the morning meandering about the Folk School’s campus visiting as many studios as I can to see what students are making this week – baskets, clay, jewelry, furniture, to name a few – all with materials of the earth.

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