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Photos of Culinary Collaboration: Harvest Feast

Culinary Collaboration: Harvest Feast was a fantastic evening at the Folk School.  The hall was packed with jubilant faces enjoying great friends, food and festivities.  I had a wonderful time taking pictures and sampling foods.  I especially enjoyed the… hmmm… I can’t pick one thing that I enjoyed most.  It was all spectacular― from the smoked trout spread, shitake mushroom soup, heirloom bean salad to the braised pork shoulder, chocolate shortbreads and fired licked veggies.  All I can say is YUM! And of course, thank you to all of our wonderful chefs and kitchen staff who made this wonderful event possible.  Click here to view photos from the event.

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Culinary Collaboration: Harvest Feast

I know that to most of us the phrase “sitting in meeting” holds a slightly negative context. I am sure that this brings thoughts of long drawn-out conferences with tons of charts and graphs written on colored paper. But, here at the Folk School meetings never seem to follow that precedent. For example, yesterday I was fortunate enough to be “sitting in a meeting” about the upcoming Harvest Feast. I found myself hungry even though it was only ten minutes past lunch. Talk swirled around smoked trout, pork shoulders braised with Seven Sisters Ale, Raspberry Mousse and Chocolate Shortbreads. I was craving tasty smoked trout served with wood fired breads dipped in delectable, local butter. I don’t know if I can wait until the 22nd for all of these wonderful treats. The Harvest Feast is going to be an awesome culinary event— bringing together ten of our talented cooking instructors to create a magnificent, five- course feast from local, seasonal foods.

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Forks & Corks!

There’s a catchy saying that you’ve probably seen printed on various kitchen decor in specialty shops: “I love cooking with wine; sometimes I even put it in the food!”  A recent cooking class at the Folk School took this idea quite seriously, meanwhile having a great time.  Martha Vining taught “Forks & Corks: Cooking with Wine,” a new offering for the Folk School’s cooking program.

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Cheese making is whey cool!

The Cooking Studio is a nice place to be during the summer.  The windows along two sides of the building look out to the fields and herb garden.  Inside the kitchen is bright and clean and, while class is going on, full of hustle and bustle.  I stopped in during Mary Lou Surgi’s cheese making class and it looked like so much fun!

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