The Folk School on WREK Radio Atlanta

Pattie, Mark & Jack in the WREK Studio

Did you get a chance to listen to the interview about the Folk School with Pattie Bagley, Mark Hendry and Jack Smoot on The Avenue Lounge Show on WREK Radio 91.1 FM, Atlanta, GA? If you missed the live show modern technology has preserved the interview for all to enjoy, at any time, here on Soundcloud. Learn about some Folk School history and also about Pattie, Mark, and Jack’s personal stories and experiences.

It just so happens that all three instructors featured in the interview are here teaching this week. Pattie (assisted by Mark) is teaching “Baskets of the Folk School,” and Jack is teaching “Build a Short-scale Mountain Dulcimer.” I wanted to take a moment to thank all three of these Folk School folks for their endless commitment to promoting and supporting the School.

Listen to the radio show with Pattie, Mark & Jack!

The North Avenue Lounge is WREK’s interview show. A big thanks to host Amanda Plumb for featuring the Folk School on the show.

In addition to teaching several times a year, Pattie Bagley is the Resident Artist for Basketry. You can also find her often in the Blacksmithing Shop working at the anvil. Pattie is involved in many Folk School activities and we are so lucky to have her here in the Folk School Community.
In addition to teaching woodworking, Jack Smoot is also on the Folk School Board of Directors. We thank him for all his hard work and always bringing a smile with his love of the rubber chicken.
Mark Hendry has been teaching both basketry and traditional broom making at the Folk School for many years. Mark regularly donates his time to do demonstrations of broom making for events like Fall Festival, Bear on the Square, and Mother Earth News Fair. Pattie and Mark are going to be demonstrating at this year’s Maryland Sheep & Wool festival, May 5 & 6. A big thanks to Mark for all he does for the Folk School!

Wood You Join Us?

Woodworking, Woodcarving, and Woodturning are among our most popular subjects, and each discipline celebrates the beauty of wood in a unique way. Here at the Folk School, we use wood to craft furniture, bowls, sculpture, containers, vessels, tools, and more. Come get acquainted with wood this summer at the Folk School!

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Canoe Donated to the June Gala & Benefit Auction

Photo (L-R): Dana Hatheway, Lillian Gantsoudes, and Pam Howard

We are excited about this impressive one-person handmade canoe recently donated to our upcoming June Gala & Benefit Auction. A collaborative effort, the canoe was started by Pam Howard in a Woodworking class, “Build a Canoe in a Week” taught by Dana Hatheway. Pam was only able to attend the class for three days, so the canoe remained unfinished. Recently, with Pam’s blessings, Lillian Gantsoudes and Dana finished it and donated it to our June Gala & Benefit Auction. Thanks to them for the generous donation!


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Set Your Table for a Fall Feast

Lovely hand-carved spoons made by students
Luke and Julie in front of the Cooking Studio hearth
Luke and Julie in front of the Cooking Studio hearth

Fall is a time of harvest, feast, and home. We invite our friends and family over to share food, stories, and laughter. Festive meals center around the table, so check out these upcoming Folk School classes to set your table right.

Prepare for decadent holiday meals by taking a week-long class in our top-notch Cooking Studio. Learn techniques for preparing a perfect chicken, duck, and turkey in Whole Bird Weekend with Mark Rosenstein (Oct. 30-Nov.1). Join Brian Knickrehm for a hands-on exploration of the ancient art of Charcuterie (Nov. 15-20) and produce delicious foods like tasso ham, duck confit, fresh and smoked sausages, pâtés. Be equipped with an assortment of recipes of the sweet and savory for this year’s holiday gatherings in Holiday Entertaining and Gift Giving with Kim Hendrickson (Nov. 20-22).

Woodturned platters and vessel
A student at the loom
A student at the loom

Food is not the only thing you need on your table! Be inspired by Shaker recipes and create hand-built baking and serving dishes in Shaker-inspired Pottery with Mary Dashiell (Nov. 8-14). Create wooden salad-type bowls, platters, and more in Functional and Decorative Woodturning with Charles Watson (Nov. 1-7). Learn about linen finishing in 18th-century Linens with Melissa Weaver Dunning (Nov. 8-14). Try spoon carving in Beginning Woodcarving and Beyond with Howard Moore (Oct. 18-24).

Merry feasting and crafting to all, this fall!