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Emily’s Mom’s Sticky Buns

Every year, we have a sweet tooth soothing tradition in Emily Buehler’s bread baking class. On Thursday, students team up to make a special recipe: Emily’s Mom’s Sticky Buns. The beginning of the week is spent learning the basics of  breads like baguettes, sourdough loaves and whole wheat sandwich bread. By Thursday, students are happy to shift gears from savory to sweet for this divine gooey treat. 

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Baking Bread, Breaking Bread

When the class introduced themselves on Sunday evening, they gave different reasons for taking the class–“I’m tired of making hockey pucks”, “I make one kind of bread and I want to learn to make more”, even “I’m interested in making bread for sale”.  For such a simple food, there are a lot of details that contribute to success and we began by feeding the sourdough with rye flour that evening.

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The Folk School Cookbook

We are so excited about The Folk School Cookbook. Nanette Davidson, cookbook author, meticulously collected, curated, and adapted over 200 delicious recipes. These include some of the most memorable recipes served family-style in the school’s Dining Hall and at seasonal celebrations over the decades. Bring the Folk School’s culinary traditions into your own kitchen and order your copy today!