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A Visit to Hill House

I had never been to Murray Martin’s house (Hill House) before today. I met Murray many years ago when she used to attend Resident Artist, Billie Shelburn’s painting classes. Murray Martin came to Brasstown in 1935 and was a craft teacher at the Folk School during the time of Folk School founders, Olive Campbell and Marguerite Bidstrup. She certainly gave a lot to the school and the community. To help local folks make a better living, the Brasstown Carvers were mentored by Murray and rose to a place of national recognition for their carvings. She retired in 1973 and lived in Hill House from the 1970’s until her death in 2005.

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Hill House Plant Motifs/Windgate Match Grant

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here at the Folk School, 65 and sunny. I decided it was a prime day to get out and do some photography for a grant I am writing for the Hill House, the historic home of Brasstown Carver mentor, Murray Martin. One of the things I wanted to get a shot of was the plant motifs on all of the window casings and doors. These carvings were done by the Belgian engineer, Leon Deschamps, who designed many of the Folk School’s original buildings. After scrambling out one of the living room windows onto the front porch, I was able to get a couple of good shots of these unique images.

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Help Us Build the New Forge

If you’re interested in helping out on the New Forge timber frame project, get your application in to the Timber Framers Guild soon!

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Current Catalog

Embrace your creative potential, and join us for a life-changing Folk School experience. Our new January–December 2022 Catalog is now available. View the eCatalog online. To receive a printed catalog in the mail, complete our Request a Catalog form on our website.

Online Craft Shop

Our online Craft Shop is now live! Support our vision, mission, and values by purchasing handcrafted items. Our online selection of items will continue to grow, so check back regularly for new items, interviews and more.

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