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This morning at the Folk School the blacksmiths pounded steel and the woodcarvers gouged bowls. The cooking class fried stuffed peppers and the rug hookers dyed wool.  Where was I?  Lying on my back staring at the clouds – doing “cloud therapy” as my writing instructor called it.

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Recap: Culinary Collaborations: A Springtime Folk School Feast

We held the first of our new Culinary Collaborations Series this past Saturday.  The Dining Hall was transformed. Two large banquet tables, covered with beautifully laid place settings, flowers and candles filled the Ferebee Room.  Small lights shone on the immaculate flower arrangements. And wonderful Mediterranean aromas filled the air.  I think most people were simply amazed by the dramatic change in the Dining Hall, but then came the food.  It was culinary artistry at its best.  The chefs, Randy Harris, Steve Cipriano, Jerri Fifer, Barbara Swell, Nanette Davidson and Andrew Brown, gave us an experience to remember. Their combined cooking expertise and culinary design was apparent in each uniquely crafted course.

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The Folk School Cookbook

We are so excited about The Folk School Cookbook. Nanette Davidson, cookbook author, meticulously collected, curated, and adapted over 200 delicious recipes. These include some of the most memorable recipes served family-style in the school’s Dining Hall and at seasonal celebrations over the decades. Bring the Folk School’s culinary traditions into your own kitchen and order your copy today!