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Learn How to Play Nice Together

I secretly took this video perched on the second floor of the Blacksmith Shop on a pretty typical evening at the Folk School. Who are these folks? A new hot old time band? A group of old friends playing from a chosen repertoire? Nope. They are a group of students, instructors, and Folk School folks who heard the word at dinner that a music jam was happening that night in the Blacksmith Shop. I am sure that this particular group had never all played together previously and have never practiced this tune as a group.

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Play all day, dance all night!

At Dance Musicians week it so happens that there are numerous people wandering around with instruments looking to play music.  During the week-long musical “take-over” you can hear music all around campus.  The musicians are put into bands and before long they infiltrate the nightly dances and bump the instructors off stage.  David Kaynor, Susan Songer, Naomi Morse, and Peter Siegel don’t seem to mind, actually I hear that they encourage it.

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Dance Musicians’ Week Update

Here we are at John C. Campbell Folk School for another week of music and dancing.  This is the seventeenth year of this fantastic class, with dancing every night for everyone, and dancing and playing every day for the 21 instructors and students participating in the class.

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This Week at the Folk School July 11-17

It’s Dance Musicians’ Week at the Folk School, and the Dance Musicians’ class is back by popular demand. Since 1994 dancers and musicians have come together to play for their own enjoyment as well as other’s. Even the instructors travel long and far to be here. David Kaynor, of Massachusetts, is one of the regular callers for the contra dances, and has been coming here every year as staff since the class’s institution. Peter Siegel is from Vermont, while Sue Songer is from Oregon. One such instructor, Naomi Morse, hails from Brooklyn, New York, and happens to be a professional singer. They specialize in fiddle, keyboard, and banjo (but not necessarily in that order).

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The Folk School Cookbook

We are so excited about The Folk School Cookbook. Nanette Davidson, cookbook author, meticulously collected, curated, and adapted over 200 delicious recipes. These include some of the most memorable recipes served family-style in the school’s Dining Hall and at seasonal celebrations over the decades. Bring the Folk School’s culinary traditions into your own kitchen and order your copy today!