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Making Planes That Don’t Fly

I recently got the chance to take my first Woodworking class here at the Folk School. It was the “Making a Traditional Moulding Plane” class, where we made a variety of 19th century quarter sawn beech planes using antiques as examples, and using many antique tools to do the work. It was  a great class that had been very skillfully prepared and presented. It was taught by Bill Anderson and Peter Ross.

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Show and Tell and Closing Ceremony

Classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School begin with check-in, orientation, welcome dinner, and then a week or weekend packed full of class time.  From morning til night we think craft, whether it be music, dance or art.  While in studios, students try to let go of the outside world with it’s distractions and complications.  It’s a revelation when brows finally unfurrow and true creative relaxation sets in.

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Current Catalog

Embrace your creative potential, and join us for a life-changing Folk School experience. Our new January–December 2022 Catalog is now available. View the eCatalog online. To receive a printed catalog in the mail, complete our Request a Catalog form on our website.

Online Craft Shop

Our online Craft Shop is now live! Support our vision, mission, and values by purchasing handcrafted items. Our online selection of items will continue to grow, so check back regularly for new items, interviews and more.

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